Maikel Kersten - Fotografie
Wissant l'ourthe orientale - Nieuwvliet Bad - De Cadzand Bad Landschappen Cadzand Bad kustlijn Cadzand Bad kustlijn Laag water de Waal Lage waterstand in d De Waal bij Nijmegen de Waal Extreem lage waterst Landschappen Landschappen Landschappen Ardennen Ardennen Ardennen Ardennen Overasseltse vennen Posbank Posbank Posbank Posbank Zeeland Westkapelle Westkapelle | zonson Dishoek | zonsonderg Oude Waal Nijmegen Overasseltse en Hate Sint Jansberg | Plas Sint Jansberg | Plas Hoge venen | Belgie Hoge venen | Belgie Hoge venen | Belgie Hoge venen | Belgie Hoge venen | Belgie Cadzand-bad | Zeelan Color beach | Cadzan Heathland | Hatertse Reflections of natur Rain clouds | Hatert Giants - Hallerbos - Green leafs - Haller Two Birds | Hatertse Reflections | Hatert De Kampina | Boxtel Foggy Tree | De Kamp La Hoegne | Jalhay ( La Hoegne | Jalhay ( La Hoegne | Jalhay ( Submerged waves | Fr Sunset lights | De W Endless lines | Frie Blue abstract - Wadd Muddy beach - W Calmness - Overassel Hallerbos | Halle | Just above water - K Seawall - Kustgebied Snowworld one - Fall into decay - Wi Snowworld two - Hate Puffy Clouds - Hater a warm goodbye to Mo La Hoegne - Belgie Autumn leaf - La Hoe La Hoegne Belgie La Hoegne - Belgie Autumn on the river Leak at the Lake - W Heathland dawn - Pos Colorful boats - Wij Quietly waiting for Reflections at Meine Fishing boats at Lak Colored Clouds - Mei de-stressing moments Weathered pine cones Tranquility at Lake
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